Exceptional reputation.
Extraordinary results.

Our clients come to us with serious concerns. "How will this affect me?" "What does this mean for my future?" I didn't do this."

Whether you're facing a DUI or a felony offense, choosing a superior legal advocate is your most critical decision.

Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone gives you clear, critical answers and unmatched representation with the power of an entire legal team on your side. We deliver 40 years of combined experience, superior legal know-how and the backing of hundreds of case wins.

Why Choose Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone?

Why Choose Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone?

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We take pride in our legal work and we constantly strive to achieve excellence in every case we handle. One clear measure of our success can be seen in the final results we have achieved for our clients.


Serious DUI Charge DismissedOur client was in a car accident on a federal reservation and she later blew 0.20 on a breathalyzer test. She had a prior DUI and was facing a year in federal jail. more


Pilot Charged with Misdemeanor for Unlawful LandingA commercial and instrument rated pilot was charged in U.S. District Court a misdemeanor for making an unlawful landing on a lake in a National Forrest Preserve.  Before charges were filed, the pilot was surreptitiously interviewed by Forrest Service Police. more


Pilot of Sightseeing Helicopter Accused of Violating a Presidential TFRThe pilot of a sightseeing helicopter was accused of violating a Presidential TFR (temporary flight restriction) by flying over a downtown area while the Vice-President was in town. more

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1. We're former prosecutors.

We know how prosecutors think and can anticipate their arguments at every step. This critical insight gives clients a distinct advantage as their case unfolds.

2. Your problems are our problems.

We don't just look at cases as cases. This is your future, and we are just as invested in "you" as you are.

3. It takes a team.

We put our entire team of lawyers on every case. This gives clients the unique advantage of multiple perspectives, combined brainpower and 40 years of experience for a stronger defense.

4. Higher standards.

Our clients are people who demand the best. They want to know their lawyers, their histories, what to expect and when. We offer a solid partnership, nothing less.

5. 40 years of experience.

We've argued serious felonies, we've handled hundreds of DUI cases, we've represented more than 300 court martial cases. We constantly strive to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

6. Solid reputation.

Our lawyers have been recognized by their peers and the industry multiple times with accolades including "Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyers" (2011, 2012, 2013), "Super Lawyer" (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013) and "Super Lawyer Rising Star."

7. Every staff member has legal experience.

Even the person answering the phone has a legal background. You will be in good hands with people who are passionate about your success.

8. We support our community.

We care about our neighbors and actively work to support community programs including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County; Lynden Youth Sports; and the Center for Law, Diversity & Justice at Western Washington University.