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imgLook at our recent case results and you can see why it’s important to choose Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone to handle your important legal matter. Whether you case is a DUI, a criminal assault, or any felony or misdemeanor, or a divorce, we always strive for the best possible results. Read the testimonials of our past clients and other attorneys to see why our attorneys are some of the highest ranked, notably recognized, and most preferred lawyers in the area. Give is a call at (360) 685-4221 for your initial meeting with one of our lawyers.

Jeffrey A. Lustick

"Jeffrey Lustick is one of the most competent attorneys I know. He is well versed not only in the ins and outs of the law but also the process along the way; this expertise enables him to competently and confidently manipulate the system to achieve the best possible results for his clients, which he is able to do time and time again. Being a former prosecutor for the City of Bellingham provides him with a unique perspective that is truly one of kind. It is that expert perspective, coupled with his surmounting experience in the legal community, that causes not only me but other members of the legal community to seek out his advice and opinions. I truly respect not only what Jeff accomplishes for his clients but also what he stands for within the legal community."Daelyn Julius, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"I endorse Jeff Lustick. I have worked with Mr. Lustick on numerous occasions, always impressed by his quick thinking and experienced legal advice. On the most recent case we worked together on, he successfully negotiated with the Prosecuting Attorney to significantly reduce the convictions and jail time that our client was facing. I refer clients to his office which is the highest form of compliment that I can provide a fellow attorney."Robert Kelly, attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"I never imagined a criminal defense attorney would be so warm and genuine yet be so experienced and skilled of the legal system…Best of all, Jeff was able to get my case completely dismissed!"Andrew, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Bellingham, WA

"Jeff is a great lawyer. He is very professional, down to earth, knowledgeable and he treats his clients with respect. What impressed me the most is that he believed in me and my innocence and fought for me. He is not the type of attorney that just makes deals with the prosecution to move a case along. He did a wonderful job and all along I felt comfortable and sense of security knowing he was handling my case. I tell everyone he is the only criminal attorney in Bellingham."Leslie, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Lynden, WA

"An unfortunate incident put my 19 year military career and my retirement in jeopardy. The Lustick law firm saved me from being railroaded by the limited and narrow vision of the military judicial system. I had a limited knowledge of military law having served honorably for 19 years. I find it safe to say that Jeff Lustick saved my career and my pension. Mr. Lustick, thank you for your service both in the military and as my attorney." Chris, military law client, Oak Harbor, WA

"I endorse Jeffrey. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community." Michael Waddington, military law attorney, Evans, GA

"Jeff is a tireless advocate for his clients. I strongly recommend him for any criminal defense issue that might arise." Matthew Daheim, attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"As a municipal prosecutor in Arizona, I find that Attorney 's Lustick's advice regarding criminal defense law is spot on; as shown by the answers he has posted, he takes the time to answer questions in a common sense manner and plainly addresses legal issues. I endorse this lawyer." Jonathan Millet, attorney, Prescott, Az

"Jeff is a strong advocate with command in the courtroom. He is not afraid of hard work. As a fellow attorney in the criminal defense community, Jeff is an attorney to whom I can turn with confidence for a second opinion on a sticky case." Kristin Slone, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"Jeff is among the very finest lawyers I've had the good fortune to work closely with over the 22+ years of my practice. I have known Jeff for five years, and have worked over one hundred cases with him, first as a federal and military prosecutor with Jeff as the federal defendants' counsel, then as a fellow WA defense attorney. He gets the absolute best possible results for his clients, even winning an outright acquittal in a federal larceny case we tried. Jeff has a keen view of the full scope of our criminal justice system and how it impacts real people. He achieves unusually beneficial results for his clients by exercising his intelligence, imagination, and perseverence in a professional and articulate manner. He is also a loving Father and Husband, and has served his country faithfully and honorably. Jeff has had the real-life experiences that are essential in forming and executing effective defense strategies. He cares about his clients genuinely, without exception." Keith Celebrezze, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Mount Vernon, Wa

"I have referred clients to Jeff for several years, and will continue doing so.They emerge from the crucible of litigation never disappointed. In my conversations with him, I have found him highly competent and diligent and have no reservations about his talent or ethics." Adam Karp, attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"I have had to opportunity to observe Mr. Lustick in court. I am always impressed by his preparation and dedication to his clients. I endorse his work." David Brown, attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"I endorse this lawyer's work because I can refer any client to him with confidence. He knows how to take care his clients and is an outstanding advocate to have on your side, when you need some help he is the person you want. I am always impressed to see him in court and to see first hand; just how well a criminal lawyer can take of people in tough situations, when the full weight of the State is pressing down on them." Shawn Alexander, attorney, Olga, Wa

"I heartily endorse Jeff. He is one of the most dedicated attorneys to his clients that I have ever known. I've known Jeff for 14 years since we were in law school together. If I have a military justice code or other federal question, I definitely call Jeff first. I also value his opinion on dui and criminal defense questions. He's a very hard worker and his success shows it." Carl Munson, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"Jeff is a smart, thorough and hard working lawyer. When I have a question as to military law, he's the lawyer I consult." Douglas Hyldahl, dui | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Bellingham, Wa

"I would highly recommend Jeff because of his in depth experience and knowledge of criminal law cases and issues. He regularly speaks in public forums as an expert on criminal law issues including radio interviews and broadcasts. His knowledge and court room experience have allowed him to get successful results for his clients. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients, friends, and colleagues." Michael Sheehy, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Lynnwood, Wa

"Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working beside Jeff in numerous courtrooms spread over various northern counties of Washington. Jeff is always prepared, professional beyond reproach, and consistently defends accused citizens with passion, and integrity. Jeff's knowledge with respect to the Military Code and Military consequences originating from criminal charges is unsurpassed." Jonathan Rands, dui | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"Jeff Lustick is a law school classmate of mine from Gonzaga Law (1997) so I have known him for many years. I know of Jeff's practice from his involvement on DUI defense "list serves" I am a part of, and also from hearing him speak at Continuing Legal Education classes. Simply, Jeff is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in north-west Washington / Bellingham / Mount Vernon." John Brangwin, attorney, Wenatchee, Wa

"Jeff guided me through all aspects of buying an airplane. He helped me in negotiating the deal with the seller and then he quickly moved to drafting the Purchase and Sale Agreement. He helped me in getting insurance and in the process of FAA registration. His advice was excellent and on target in every step of the process. As a licensed pilot, he has a passion for flying and knows what is important to other pilots. He responded promptly to all communication. This attorney made it 10x easier to buy an airplane. I can enthusiastically recommend Jeff to anyone with an aviation legal issue." Keith, aviation law client, Bellingham, Washington

Mark A. Kaiman

"Not to be doubted for a minute. He’ll do everything he can and make it look easy. Mark is very well spoken and knowledgeable." Jason, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Bellingham, WA

"I had a DUI in San Juan County and I was very frightened. Mark Kaiman immediately made me feel at ease and took charge of the situation. We went to trial, and thanks to Mark, I was found not guilty of the DUI. Mark did an amazing job, and I will be forever grateful for his expertise." Leslie, dui | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Friday Harbor, WA

"I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Mark for a number of years as both opposing counsel and co-counsel. He is an honorable attorney with a high ethical standard. I also find him to be aggressive when necessary and a negotiator when it is in the best interest of his client. He is a serious litigator and cares about his clients." David Nelson, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"Mark is among the very finest attorneys I've been fortunate to work closely with in the 22+ years of my practice. I have known Mark for more than 5 years, both in federal court where I prosecuted cases he defended, and as a fellow WA practitioner. He has the unusual ability to get straight to the heart of complex matters, separating the wheat from the chaff almost automatically, naturally. Having served as a county prosecutor, he understands what is truly important in a case. This skill has proven essential in achieving optimal and early results for his clients that far exceed the typical. Mark has served faithfully and honorably in the armed forces; he has the important real-life experiences so often lacking. He brings this experience and intelligence to bear for his clients in each and every case, from the misdemeanor in muni court to the high-dollar civil rights suit in federal court. Mark is a true master of the craft, earning the admiration and respect of his peers." Keith Celebrezze, attorney, Mount Vernon, Wa

"Mark Kaiman is an incredible litigator and an extremely professional lawyer. As a former prosecutor, he knows what wins cases and has the fortitude to fight for his clients in court." Sharon Fields, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Mount Vernon, Wa

"Walking into a courtroom with Mark, you know that this man is good at what he does. He is calm, creative, quick on his feet, and gets things accomplished for his clients. He has a presence that commands respect but also shows compassion and thoughtfulness. Without a doubt, I would want Mark in my corner if I ever needed an advocate." Lauren Trent, attorney, Mount Vernon, Wa

"Mark Kaiman is the perfect combination of authority and compassion; his knowledge of the law exceeds that of most attorneys due to his prior experience as a prosecuting attorney, as well as his numerous years here at the Lustick Law Firm. Likewise, Mark's compassionate attitude for his client's plight, puts him a step above all others. Mark takes the time to thoroughly understand his client's needs, as well as their legal issues. Mark also makes sure he does everything possible to get his clients the deal they rightfully deserve. It is an honor to call him my colleague; he is an individual I aspire to be and because of that I draw upon his knowledge continually." Daelyn Julius, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa attorney, Bellingham, Wa

"Mark Kaiman helped me through a very difficult divorce. He was always professional and he kept me focused and realistic. Mark kept me realistic, while listening to my frustrations, vents/rants, and advised me in tough matters that saved me a lot of money and wasted time. My kids and I are grateful to have had Mark and his firm on our side. I really can't say enough to express how much he helped me, picked me up, and kept me focused/informed. Thank you Mark, and thank you to your firm. You will never know how grateful we are!!" Ed, client, ,

"Mr.Kaiman is an outstanding defense lawyer. I called the Lustick Law office as soon as I was accused of drug use while serving in the Navy. He exemplifies what I consider a true professional embodies and treated me with the utmost respect in my trying times. We won my case and got the results I needed to continue on with my career. Thank you Mr. Kaiman for your everything and helping me getting my life back on track!" Joseph, military law client, ,

Adrian Martinez Madrone

"Adrian is an outstanding attorney who successfully brought my DUI case to a close with the best possible outcome. He is a consummate professional, extremely responsive and empathetic." William, dui | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Ferndale, WA

"Adrian Madrone was exceptionally knowledgeable of the various moving parts and processes and proved indispensable to me and my case. I felt at every point in the process that Adrian was a step ahead, and was providing the right representation for me. The entire Lustick law firm staff was knowledgeable and friendly, contributing to my sense throughout the case that I was in good hands. The outcome was fair and definitely not one that would have happened without Adrian’s advocacy. I would strongly recommend him." Todd, criminal defense | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, Bellingham, WA

"A caring and compassionate lawyer - highly recommended. A friend of mine suggested that I hire Adrian Madrone.They said that he was excellent at what he did, so I called him and he return my call immediately. Right from the start, he was at my arraignment that afternoon. He carefully guided me through my first day in court, and I was very glad that he was there. We met later at his office, and discussed every aspect of my case. I told him what happened, and he took down every detail, not missing a beat. After he looked more into my case, he found many holes and defense for me. At the end of it all, we finally came to resolution that we were both very pleased with. He never gave up and fought hard for me to the very end. I highly recommend Adrian Madrone and his law firm to anyone facing any criminal case." Melissa, dui | bellingham, whatcom, wa client, ,