Aviation: Our Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching Services Makes Your Dream Airplane More Attainable

Aviation: Our Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching Services Makes Your Dream Airplane More Attainable

Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching: When Buying Your Dream Plane, We’re on Your Side

It’s not like buying a car. For pilots searching to buy their dream airplane, there is a lot of danger lurking at every turn. In today’s nationwide seller’s market, which is almost 100% across state lines and on the Internet, you need someone on your side who can safely get you through the aircraft buying process. You need aircraft buyer’s coaching.

For almost 20 years, Attorney Jeffrey Lustick with the law firm of Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone has helped first-time aircraft buyers from around the nation land their dream planes. With his aviation knowledge and legal experience, Jeff coaches aircraft buyers behind the scenes. When the seller prefers, Jeff can take an active role in the negotiations process directly with the seller. He also protects your interests by preparing all the needed purchase documents to easily and legally transfer ownership and registration of your new aircraft to you.

All of Jeff’s aircraft buyer’s coaching services are very affordably priced. Feedback from past clients has resoundingly said that having Jeff on your side saves you money by avoiding costly missteps and by making the wrong investment. Don’t buy an airplane without having Jeff as your buyer’s coach.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of airplane do I want? Which airplane do I actually need? What features do I really want in my new airplane? How much will it cost to maintain, operate, and insure my airplane? How do I know if the airplane I want to buy was well maintained? What do I do if the plane I want to buy has a damage history? How do I get the airplane that I am buying back to my home airport? Where do I keep the airplane once I buy it and bring it to my airport?

As an aircraft buyer, it’s expected that you will need answers to all your questions. As your aircraft buyer’s coach, Jeff answers these important questions and more. He puts his years of knowledge of aviation and aircraft ownership to work for you. Together with a trusted mechanic, he examines aircraft logs and evaluates the preliminary condition of the aircraft that you are interested in. Jeff also assists you in arranging for a pre-buy inspection wherever the airplane may be. Jeff helps you negotiate the price, costs, and taxes that you will pay when buying your dream plane. He is with you every step of the way. You get his private cell number so he can be available whenever you need him.

Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching is Designed to Make this Comfortable.

If you hang out at a local airport long enough, you will hear stories of people who wanted to buy an airplane, but they know nothing about the actual airplane shopping and buying process. Often, these people get so frustrated with this process that they end up renting for years and years, or they choose to quit aviation altogether. Don’t let this happen to you. Buying your airplane is supposed to be a positive and fun process. Get Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching and make this process fun, efficient, and successful.

Jeff takes the fear and the stress out of buying your new airplane. Depending on the level of involvement you desire, Jeff calls the sellers and gets the information you need to be sure that the aircraft you want is right for you. He can also tell you what to ask if you would rather prefer to deal with the seller directly. In either situation, Jeff presents you with his best opinions of the airplane you want to buy. He works hard to ensure that you are not blindsided or taken advantage of in the airplane buying process.

Let’s Get Coached Right Away.

The current nationwide aircraft seller’s market moves fast. Often by the time you see your dream plane, it has already been scooped up by another buyer. Jeff regularly shops all the major aircraft websites and scours the listings. He has a great feel for proper aircraft pricing and what is available at various dealers throughout the year. He also has good relationships with many of the major nationwide aircraft dealers, which can sometimes open doors and garner the plane you want before it gets listed nationwide.

When you are ready to start shopping for airplanes, the first step is contacting Jeff to start the aircraft buyer’s coaching process. He begins by matching you with the kind of plane that you will enjoy or utilize the most. Next, a purchase budget is set with full consideration of potential operating and maintenance costs. After this, you receive a listing of potential airplanes for you to consider buying.

Contact Your Aircraft Buyer’s Coach Jeff Lustick.

Jeffrey Lustick is an aviation law attorney and partner in the law firm or Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone. Jeffrey helps pilots wanting to either buy or sell their airplanes, ultralights, gliders or or helicopters. You can reach Jeff to set up a meeting at (360) 685-4221. Meetings for Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching are either held in person at the firm’s offices in Bellingham, WA or via telephone or using video conferencing on the Skype system.  Call Jeff today!

LKM Aviation Law is enrolled in the AOPA Pilot Protection plan. Members of this plan may be entitled to receive discounts on Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching  from the firm.

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Aviation: Can a Criminal Conviction for DUI or Drugs Ground My Flying Career?

Aviation: Can a Criminal Conviction for DUI or Drugs Ground My Flying Career?

For pilots and people in training to become pilots, a criminal conviction for a DUI or a drug offense can have lasting and devastating impacts on a flying career. Under the Federal Air Regulations, the FAA has some strict requirements that must be met in order to avoid permanent disqualification from flying after an alcohol or drug related criminal conviction. But if handled promptly and correctly, a one-time mistake will not ground you for ever.

Student Pilots, Pilot’s in Training who have not been previously FAA licensed.

In cases of a student pilot or a person who has not yet received their initial pilot’s license yet, and then they receive an criminal conviction based on an alcohol or drug charge, the person cannot apply for a pilot’s license until after one year from the date of their last conviction.

Alcohol and drug-related offenses under the Code of Federal Regulations 61.15 include “growing, processing, manufacture, sale, disposition, possession, transportation, or importation of narcotic drugs, marijuana, or depressant or stimulant drugs or substances” as well as operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a drug or alcohol.

The FAA also requires proof that the person has completed any court-ordered alcohol treatment requirements before their application for a pilot’s license is approved. A person in this position can still receive training (both flight training and ground school) during their one year of ineligibility. They will, however, be unable to finish their final training and take their final private or sport license check ride until the year is up and they receive a medical certificate and their background application is approved by the FAA.

Persons already licensed as a pilot.

For people who are already pilots and they get convicted of a drug or alcohol-related felony, the FAA will either suspend or revoke their certificate for up to one year after the conviction. Furthermore, if the conviction results in a loss of the pilot’s motor vehicle driver’s license, the pilot will be required to self-submit a written report to the FAA no later than 60 days after the loss. The written report should include:

(1) The pilot’s name, address, date of birth, and certificate number;
(2) The type of violation that resulted in the conviction or administrative action which triggered the motor vehicle license loss;
(3) The date of the conviction or the administrative action;
(4) The State that holds the record of conviction or administrative action; and
(5) A statement of whether the motor vehicle action resulted from the same incident or arose out of the same factual circumstances related to a previously reported motor vehicle action.

Multiple Notices to the FAA May Be Needed.

The notification must be given each time the pilot has an action taken against them which results in a revocation or suspension of his or her motor vehicle license. For example, in a Washington State DUI case, most defendants face both a court suspension and a suspension from the state Department of Licensing. If the defendant has their license taken away by the DOL, they must notify the FAA right at that time about the suspension. After this, if they also receive a DUI conviction for which there is a court-ordered licensing suspension, the pilot must notify the FAA of that second suspension as well.

See Federal Air Regulation 61.15.

Contact an Aviation Attorney

Jeffrey Lustick is both an avid pilot and a practiced attorney with decades of experience in aviation law. If you need professional legal assistance, fill out the form below, or call our office at 360-685-4221.

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Attorney Jeffrey Lustick Earns Excellent Feedback for Recent Aviation Law Work

Attorney Jeffrey Lustick Earns Excellent Feedback for Recent Aviation Law Work

LKM Aviation Lawyer Jeffrey Lustick was recently honored with an excellent review received from an aviation law client in Seattle, WA. The review was posted on, Avvo.com, the world’s foremost online legal services marketplace.  Avvo is a legal marketing website which rates lawyers and allows potential clients to post legal questions and receive replies from participating lawyers. It allows clients to locate the highest ranked legal providers to suit their needs.

Read the client’s high praise posted on Avvo.com:

“Jeff astonished me away with his incredible attention to detail, focus, and lightning-fast understanding and knowledge on supporting my aviation legal needs.

I found Jeff’s work to be flawless and efficient. Jeff’s Pilot background along with fantastic communication skills, and exceptional professionalism made all communication and iterations my otherwise stressful legal matter entirely enjoyable.

It is without question that I will go back to Jeff for any legal needs and I make full recommendations to other pilots to do the same.”

***** 5 Star Review, Posted September 29, 2016, by Client.

Jeffrey Lustick has a full professional legal profile on AVVO which is linked here.  He is a graduate of Gonzaga Law School in Spokane, WA, and he was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1997. He began his career in criminal law in the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General Officer, serving as a military prosecutor and defender.  Jeffrey is an avid pilot and is a proud airplane owner based at KBLI, Bellingham International Airport. Jeffrey’s law practice is now focused on aviation law. Jeffrey is part of the AOPA Pilot Protection Services provider panel.

Contact Us.

Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone, PLLC is currently accepting new clients with cases aviation legal issues. Please feel free to contact our support team staff at (360) 685-4221 for assistance in aviation law.  You can also use our free case evaluation form here.

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FAA Administrator Grants Reprieve in Pilot Defense Case

FAA Administrator Grants Reprieve in Pilot Defense Case

You know you really need some pilot defense when you hear, “Experimental N1234A, when you land, call this phone number…”

This is exactly what no pilot wants to hear. It usually means that a sequence of events is about to occur with the Federal Aviation Administration that often brings lots of stress, anxiety, and the possible loss of flying privileges.

Thus was the case for our client who hails from Washington State, but was flying his airplane in Southern California on an IFR flight. The day he flew, it was very windy and he was unfamiliar with the local geography. Initially, he strayed into restricted airspace at Edwards AFB, even for a brief moment, but it definitely caught ATC’s attention. Then enroute, he allegedly failed to maintain his altitude and heading to his destination airport.

About a month later, he received notice of a proposed Administrative Action from the FAA’s Flight Standards District Office warning him to explain his actions or risk a suspension. Fortunately, the client had the forethought to file an Aviation Safety Report with NASA. At this point, he made contact with Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone for legal representation against the FAA.

The FAA was not difficult to work with, however, it was clear that the inspector had made up his mind what had occurred. We worked to recreate every leg of the original flight on paper attempting to determine what went wrong and where. IN the end, the pilot did receive an order to complete IFR and Commercial Pilot retraining, but he did not lose his pilot’s license.

But that wasn’t it. A few months later in a cruel twist, the Western Region Enforcement Team sent a Notice of Proposed Certificate Acton to the client, and he once again found himself facing the FAA’s attempts to permanently ground him. This action, known as an Enforcement Action, was more akin to a prosecution criminally for breaking the Federal Air Regulations – a very serious allegation.

Once again, the pilot hired Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone, who began the fight against the FAA. We raised the issue of administrative double jeopardy, and we used the client’s Aviation Safety Reporting System Report to defend him. Because the client had already accepted his chops under an earlier Administrative Action, he couldn’t legally be punished or prosecuted by the FAA twice. Also, the ASRS report game him immunity from punishment since he filed the report within 10 days from the original incident. The FAA had no choice but to withdraw its enforcement action against the pilot.

Wins like this one against the FAA aren’t rare, but we wanted to highlight this one since it was an outcome that the client could not have obtained without legal counsel by his side.

Jeffrey Lustick is a private pilot with 3,000 hours of flight experience. He is a member of the AOPA Legal Providers Panel. For more info on the AOPA Pilot Protection Services plans, go here: http://pilot-protection-services.aopa.org/

For all aviation related legal matters involving pilot defense, please call (360) 685-4221 to schedule a meeting with Jeffrey Lustick, or reach us through our web info wiki here: http://www.lustick.com/free_case_evaluation .

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