Criminal Appeals

Attorneys serving Whatcom County, Skagit County, San Juan CountyIf another law firm handled your criminal case and you lost at trial, it may be time to consider engaging a new attorney to handle your appeal. A fresh approach, and an attorney who is familiar with appellate litigation, can make all the difference. The lawyers at Lustick Kaiman & Madrone are highly skilled at the legal research and brief writing necessary for an appeal of a criminal conviction to succeed. While a trial lawyer tries to persuade a jury through cross examination and argument, an appellate lawyer seeks to persuade a panel of judges, through a thoroughly researched and well written brief that focuses on legal, not factual, issues.

How to Start a Criminal Appeal

An appeal from a criminal conviction in Washington is started by filing a “Notice of Appeal” with the trial court within thirty days of the entry of judgment. In federal court, the deadline is only ten days. Once the appeal has begun, your appellate attorney will review the record of the trial, all briefs and pleadings filed in the trial court, and any other relevant material in order to identify winning appellate issues. Even if your trial lawyer doesn’t think you have an issue for appeal, the attorneys at Lustick Kaiman & Madrone may be able to identify erroneous rulings or other legal issues that your trial lawyer missed.

What Happens When You Win Your Appeal?

It is important to know that a win at the Court of Appeals doesn’t mean that your case is dismissed, and that you are acquitted of the charge. It does mean that your conviction is reversed, and that you are entitled to a new trial. If you don’t prevail on appeal, it is possible to petition for review by the Washington Supreme Court for another level of appellate review.

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At Lustick Kaiman & Madrone, we are some of the best trial lawyers in the business. We’ve helped people in thousands of criminal cases, and our experience in the courtroom gives us the ability to recognize trial court errors, and therefore be successful in appellate court. We are talented, knowledgeable, and persuasive. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

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