Family Law, Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage

We give you efficient and innovative divorce solutions to provide stability and support.


Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone offers efficient and innovative divorce solutions to help guide you through your dissolution proceeding.  We know the devastating toll that divorce can have on both individuals and families. So our attorneys and staff work hard for you to reach common-sense resolutions to disputes regarding child custody, parenting arrangements, division of marital property, and establishment of child support.

When both people in a divorce reach solutions through mediation and negotiation, we find that they enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction in the results.  They often feel more empowered when they can control the outcomes of their case. However, when couples are deadlocked and cannot find common ground, our attorneys have the proven court room skills to help you win relief in court as well.

You Deserve Dignity and Respect.

We always treat our clients with dignity, sensitivity and compassion, but handle their matters with steadfast determination and firmness. We want to help you get these issues behind you so you can make a smooth and successful transition to life after divorce.

Contacting Us is Easy.

Please call (360) 685-4221 to schedule a meeting with Attorney Mark Kaiman, our family law lawyer.  Or feel free to reach us through our web info wiki here: The in-office consultation is 50-minutes and costs $290.00.

What You Need to Know

  • We provide mediation and negotiation services that help you reach empowering solutions.
  • Our attorneys possess proven courtroom skills if you reach a deadlock in your negotiations.
  • We have successfully helped hundreds of families and citizens in Western Washington State.